Monday, April 9, 2012

family time.

 Aunt Mitzi, Shelby Grace and Me

Did everyone have a great Easter?! Mine was pretty fantastic! I have the type of family where you don't do anything alone. So if you are going to dinner, you are pretty much going to have 10 others right beside you. This Easter was no different. We all went to dinner and then bowling on Saturday night. Soooo much fun! I feel very blessed to have a family that actually likes to spend time together (even though they probably would never admit it - you know who you are Uncle Trent).

O! I made the best Cupcakes I have ever made to date. Moist and delic! They were a Vanilla Cupcake with a Vanilla Butter Cream Icing, Toasted Coconut and Malt Ball Easter Eggs. They looked like a little nest. I followed this recipe.

 Mom and Me

 My Love

 Dad and Me

 Coconut Nest Cupcakes

Bub approves!

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  1. Wow I miss my family.. I'm so home sick :( I love yall