Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ask kaley.


Dear Kaley,

I have a be-lated Holiday work party to go to in a week and I am struggling with what to wear.  It's at the casino in downtown Detroit, my bosses are providing a very nice set-up from a spa day, to pre-party drinks in the hotel suites, drinks and appetizers at one of the clubs and rooms for all of us.  It's going to be really nice.  However, I don't know what to wear?  I don't want to go as fancy as something I would wear to a wedding but I still want to be a little dressier then normal, it is a holiday party?!  But I don't want to be too casual, I'd like to still dress up a little.  Can you help me with some suggestions?  Maybe one dressy pant outfit, one dress/skirt outfit and one nice jean outfit?

Thanks so much! Miss you!

I love Holiday parties! It's such a fun time to get together and chat with co-workers in a casual atmosphere. And the best part of a party, deciding what to wear!

My first impression is no jeans.  A pre-party at a Casino in the hotel suites with drinks and appetizers at one of the clubs just screams dressy. You don't have to go crazy with sequins but I definitely recommend a dress, skirt or dress pants. I have provided 3 options below. Enjoy!

Option 1: 
I love this feminine fringed lace Anthropology top. The back is cut out so it provides the sexy element but still very appropriate. I would pair with a bright colored bottom, black pumps and simple accessories.

 Top: Anthropology; Pants: BCBG or J. Crew

Option 2:
The classic look. You can never go wrong with a white silk button down blouse and leopard print pencil skirt. I love these options paired together! And since it is cold outside, I would add a pair of high heeled boots and some chunky accessories to pull it all together. 

Shirt: Ann Taylor; Skirt: J. Crew

Option 3:
This is the definition of Holiday party. The dress is H&M and you can get a black blazer at Koh'ls (Lauren Conrad collection) for a reasonable price. The dress is rouched so it will hide any areas where you might feel uncomfortable. Add cute bracelets and a chunky necklace and work it out.

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  1. Love the suggestions! You know the outcome, but I will definitely provide you with some pictures :) You're the best!!!!

  2. I wish I had read this BEFORE the party--I could have used the help!