Tuesday, January 3, 2012

chocolate chip cookies.

This year, I am attempting to perfect the chocolate chip cookie. My lovely friend Meg has the MOST amazing recipe you could dream of. The cookie is super chocolaty, moist on the inside and yet the crunchy on the outside. It's everything you want in a cookie! And since my lovely friend Meg will not give me her recipe (totally calling you out), I am searching blogs to hunt one down. 

I found this recipe on A Tender Crumb and it was delic. The most difficult part was finding pastry flour since it is not at local grocery stores. I found it at the Giant Eagle Market Place (Pastry Counter) but I have also heard you can find it at Whole Foods. 

Happy Baking!!

P.S. Mom - getting some use out of my cake dome. It's not a cake but it still looks pretty. :)

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