Friday, February 3, 2012

jean jacket lover.

I am so beyond excited to have my first guest post today!!! My beautiful friend, Carrie Hermann, is delighting us with some very noteworthy fashion advice. For all of you jean jacket lovers, this is a MUST READ:

When I first met Kaley, I thought one thing, “This girl’s got great style.”  Kaley wore outfits I only wished I could pull off without looking like the spaz from your 6th grade class.  Remember her?  The one who always had mustard stains on her sweater.  She also always smelled like pee.  Just a little bit.  But Kaley never did!  She always looked adorable and never once smelled like pee!  Well, there was that ONE time….  BUT ANYWAYS.  The point is, I knew Kaley had great style.  

However, I did not.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like things that embody style.  I like things that look like style.  I like things that FEEL like style.  It’s just that my style happens to be stuck in 1986 somewhere in between a Motley Crue video and plastic charm necklace.  

So after a few shopping trips with Kaley, I started to find some balance.

I’ll tell you what though.  I’m never going to stop wearing this.

And that’s where the balance comes in.  Here are three outfits that I think Kaley would approve of.  WITH the jean jacket.  Oh, and I love them.

Jean Jacket for Spring.

If there’s one thing I love just as much as a jean jacket – it’s leggings.  It’s like a fun joke that Style came up with so we could wear our pajama pants to work.  Thanks, Style!  All is forgiven for tight-rolled jeans and everything from the 90’s. 

 Put a Bird on it.
Kaley thought me three very important things.  One, you can always add a belt.  Two, buy little pieces that you like and eventually they’ll all come together.  And three, just work it.  This is my idea of working it with things I like.  Red feels pretty bold with this, but I think Kaley would be proud that I worked it out.  Oh, and there’s a bird on it.  So you know it’s cool.  


OK, so it’s not a jean jacket, but it’s a jacket I like.   And even though it’s yellow it totally reminds me of this.  And that dress was COOL.  I’m actually not sure what Kaley will think of the turquoise with yellow and black, but I know she’ll like the belt so maybe it’ll slide.

So if you want to shop for jean jackets, I’m your girl!  If you want to shop for anything else, that’s probably going to be Kaley’s department.  We’ll both totally go to the Motely Crue concert with you though.  And maybe at the end of the night, we’ll all be a little spazzy.

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